Lelaki 91 Tahun Ditembak Mati Bersama 29 Biri-Birinya.Persoalannya,Adakah Ini Yang Dinamakan Keadilan?

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One of the most important stories we've picked up in the last few months is B'Tselem's report that every other day a Palestinian noncombatant is killed in the occupied territories, on average. It is a reminder that just as the Jim Crow South was a very dangerous place for black people, the same is true of the occupied territories for Palestinians. (And those statistics do not include the hecatombs of civilians during Cast Lead.) 
This lesson is underscored by a superb report by Jared Malsin at Ma'an on three killings in Gaza in September. A 91-year-old shepherd is visited in the fields one afternoon by his grandson and another teenage boy, who bring a chicken. They grill the chicken, then the boys help the old man with his sheep in lands close to the Israeli border.
And then the shells begin to land, and they hustle back to the barn. All three are killed-- and 29 of 30 sheep. 
The next day the Israelis describe the three dead as militants and terrorists. Excerpts of Malsin's report:

The killing [and decapitation of 16-year-old] Ismail Abu Oda, along with his friend Hussam Abu Sayed, 17, and his grandfather Ibrahim Abu Sayed, 91, is raising questions about whether Israel has taken sufficient strides to bring it's army into compliance with international humanitarian law.

The incident was similar to previous incidents, such as those described in judge Richard Goldstone's UN-mandated report on Israel's winter war on Gaza. Human rights groups say the September killings and others only underscore the importance of implementing the report's call for investigations and accountability...
Brig. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg would later clarify in a statement sent to journalists that "we understand from a re-creation that we undertook that the three casualties were not involved in act of terror." The statement insisted, however, that one of the Palestinians had picked up an RPG launcher and aimed it at Israeli forces stationed along the border.
The case yielded a number of questions: Why did the army initially declare the three to be militants? Why did the Israeli soldiers decide to shoot in the first place?...
...“I saw my son in the hospital morgue, without a head,” [Walid] Abu Oda said. Ismail had been decapitated by flachettes, small metal darts contained in certain tank shells used by Israel. He showed Ma’an some of the flachettes that had been found near the bodies, along with a fragment of the tank shell.

Credit Goes To : Mondoweiss.Net


They told the world that we Muslims are the terrorists,but the question is,who are the real terrorists?

This current age of world is nothing but a sick-psychopathic society.

Just think about it.While one part of the world is living life happily ever after,the other side of the world is having endless war everyday.

We ourselves didn't know about this fact.Why?Because we are living in the former part,not the latter.Hence,we became the weak ummah.

Here's a suggestion.You don't have to go there to help them.It's out of our control.But,as a Muslim,we have the strongest weapon in the whole entire universe.Our Prayer to Allah Almighty (Doa).

So,what you're waiting for?


Mamilla Cemetery (Photo's Credit Goes To : Google)

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